Advertising for Property Developers

At Love to Rent, we're on a mission to give everyone their choice of a quality, professionally managed secure dream home. Our clients use our portal to discover the huge range of properties on the market purpose-designed and built as homes to rent they can feel secure in.

Why Love to Rent?


Build it and they will come

Though we're not especially huge fans of Kevin Costner, at Love to Rent, we believe we have created a field of dreams for property developers operating in the build-to-rent marketplace.

  • A dedicated search portal for build to rent quality homes
  • Clearly showcase what your development has to offer
  • Continue engagement with your customers to develop brand loyalty
  • Customers pre-qualify by using the site, as they have chosen this lifestyle option

Creating Communities

At Love to Rent, we don't just help our users find their dream home (although it's a large part of what we do). Once they've found a place to live we want to help them make the most of it. When you list your development on Love to Rent our network of local business advertisers will help to show prospective buyers what an amazing community they can move into, spreading the word about your fantastic rental properties to a much wider audience.

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